Just a short update as I have a number of other month end activities that I need to attend to, including working on the latest novel which I am 20000 odd words into. Other activities include making sure my Amazon account is set up correctly as I anticipate my first ever royalty payment in the near future. I have also concluded the Amazon based advertising. I spent in $174.85 in total for Amazon adds for an estimated return of  $29.90!

As you can see from the chart below I am still a long way off the target of 3100 sales by March 1 next year but I have almost generated enough sales to break the payment threshold. On another bright note there has been a 25% month on month increase in sales July vs June and there is still the rest of the day for people to buy a book and boost the number.

  • Total sales – 20 books of all titlesUntitled
  • Total Royalty payments for June US$36.62
  • Total Amazon add impressions 110000 – about 50000 for the month
  • July Amazon add costs$64.85
  • There are still also a number of page reads from the Kindle library which is also encouraging.

I got quite excited when there was a spike in book sales at the end of the month, though they have tailed off since. The spike in part appears to have been driven by sales directly related to Amazon adds I have set up for The Lifeboat, though sales of the first book in the series are still slightly ahead of The Lifeboat. I am still hoping it is possible that people are clicking on the add and noting it is part of a series are buying the first novel. This will hopefully flow through to sales of the second and third books.

Other activities include setting up a mailing list to capture addresses to keep my many fans warm with updates and promotions.

Additionally, I am getting close to 1000 likes on the Skidian Chronicles Facebook page. Like the page if you haven’t already at and share with your friends. A 1000 likes is a magic number and wonderful things will happen when I hit the 1000. Sales will increase exponentially so that by the end of the year I will be able to give up work and write full time and pigs will take to the skies.

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