The Island


With the assistance of a group of aliens known as the Multiplicity Bruce Harwood has become the benevolent emperor of all the world’s man has expanded to.

The aliens are from the planet Skid who left their physical bodies behind and transcended to a futuristic version of the cloud several thousand years ago. The Transcendents who still have an interest in their home planet have developed into a hive mind and call themselves the Multiplicity.

As a payoff for Harwood helping them out of a tight spot, the Multiplicity has supported Harwood’s quest to establish a new world order on planet Earth. An enormous cultural shift is underway. However, it will take some time to embed a fairer and more decent socio-economic model into the global human psyche, where the need to work for a living is a thing of the past.

Harwood is a notorious micromanager so to prevent him from sticking his nose in where it isn’t wanted and derailing the process, Harwood is encouraged to take some time out. He and his family, accompanied by a few friends depart on a sabbatical, leaving the B team in charge.



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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 1 cm

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