Skid the First Chronicle




Skid is an imaginative science fiction novel of considerable skill that pokes fun at all forms of political correctness, while also indicating there are dangerous signs of a disintegrating world that is not adequately taken care of.

The plot addresses some serious themes, touching on issues as wide as the survival of any planet in the universe – from pollution, to the exploitation of natural resources – the pros and cons of collective versus individual action – organic versus synthetic food – survival with humour versus the alienating aspects of a form of political correctness.

The use of humour makes the book work effectively – mainly through the reactions of the “offworlders”, Bruce (from New Zealand) and Sue (from the USA). Both Bruce and Sue react in stereotypical ways as caricatures of the cultures they come from – the skilful and amusing portrayal of their characteristics allows readers to laugh at their own attitudes.

Unlike many science fiction books, skid doesn’t get bogged down in detail or stray so far from known worlds that you lose the plot. Aficionados of science fiction and anyone who enjoys a good read will enjoy this novel

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Dimensions 23 × 15 × 1 cm

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