My MTB Journey February 13

Saturday morning. 72 and half minutes. 1.12.37. Almost a minute and a half quicker than Thursday afternoon and only 13 seconds off my best time achieved back in mid December. Is this a sign my masterplan is bearing fruit? Maybe. However, my fuel intake yesterday didn’t go according to plan with a chocolate chip biscuit for morning tea, a can of coke with lunch, and fish ‘n’ chips for dinner.

Despite trying to focus on putting in a big effort in the first half of this morning’s ride I was slower through this leg than Thursday by almost a minute. So I gained quite a bit of time in the second section, achieving several segment records along the way, which is interesting as toward the end of the track the downhills are a bit cut up. Must have made the gains on the uphill’s which of course are still nice and smooth.

It was very still this morning which provides a great relief, especially on the bigger climbs. The tracks are so dry and the surface in some areas is quite crumbly, that on the steeper bits when I get out of the saddle I’m struggling a bit for traction. I need to remember to shift my fat guts back towards the rear wheel.

Obviously, its a lot cooler this morning than Thursday afternoon, a reminder temperature has a much bigger impact on my times than I originally realised. This is also another sign I’m not a young man any longer. I was pretty knackered yesterday and it took me a long while to cool down on Thursday evening. This morning the cool down period was much shorter and I am enjoying a cup of coffee while I write this diary entry.

To assist my recovery I need to ensure I drink plenty of water through the day, because as it was cooler this morning I only consumed about half my water bottle while I was riding.

Actually, I am so pumped I reckon I have enough energy to go for another ride. Maybe I’ll settle for mowing the lawn instead. I don’t want to overdo it after all:-)

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