MY MTB Journey Feb 20- March 4

20 February Saturday morning. Just over 74 minutes 1.14.20. A step back from last week and the gains are still to be made in the first half of the circuit, I lost a bit of time in the second quarter.

Its been an interesting week. Because I have been so assiduous in scanning the Covid QR codes when I am out and about I was notified as a casual contact in the latest community outbreak via the bluetooth function on the app. I just happened to be in the Manukau Mall at the same time as one or more of the first cases to test positive were shopping.

I’m not required to get a test but decided to get one as a precaution. Joyce had been out gallivanting around so she got one with me as well. She received her result yesterday morning and I am still waiting.

I can’t go back to work until I get a negative test so I’m working from home. I also  don’t really want to be’ that guy’, so I am staying put until I get my result back. I thought it was ok to get out for a ride as the likelihood of me having Covid is low and it would only be a problem if I fall off an hurt myself and need medical attention. The instruction for casual contacts is to simply monitor your health for two weeks. Suffering from hay fever and dodgy sinus’s I don’t feel any different to how I feel normally. Touchwood.

The latest Covid community outbreak was a bit surreal, we didn’t get the big volume spike we had in previous outbreaks and in the first few days it felt like people were treating the situation as a long weekend. To date it appears that the outbreak is contained without the MOH determining exactly how the latest cases were infected. Maybe because we have no obvious community transmission  we will get these random events.

On a positive note, the national vaccination program is underway. It will take a while for everyone in the country to get a jab and because we are down the pecking order to be supplied. People operating in the various border agencies will be first in line and then the most vulnerable. The intention, if all goes well is that everyone who wants to be vaccinated should be .

26 February. Friday afternoon. Just under 75 minutes. 1.14.43. About 20 seconds longer than the other morning and still a good five minutes better than this time last year. I ran out of petrol on the last half of the circuit as I was right on time in the first half of the ride. I put it down to the heat as its pretty warm out there and despite a bit of a breeze blowing its muggy in the valleys. I didn’t get a great sleep last night either so a bit out of sorts.

I didn’t get the result of the covid test I got last week so went down again Sunday morning and got the result later in the evening.

The current community outbreak has still got legs. Some people don’t seem to think that the rules apply to them when they have been asked to isolate. Typically, they appear to be young adults who may not have got the message, ignored it because they are bullet proof, or were worried about their jobs. The upshot of this kind of behaviour, ignorance, selfishness, call it what you like, is a huge amount of disruption for a lot of people and businesses.

At present its just one ever expanding cluster with known connections. Hopefully, the authorities can get it under control, they certainly seem to be much more careful with the new strains that have come into the country.

Unfortunately, as we have seen in the last week or two we need people to do the right thing to control the virus and the risk is, for whatever reason, some people just wont follow the rules designed to keep us all safe.

I’m on holiday for the next two weeks so I am going to try and ride at least every other day and see if I can get down to the 1.10 mark.

28 February. Sunday morning 1.50.27. Back on the road again. Two minutes faster than the last time I did this ride, so that’s all good.

On the other hand we’re back in another lockdown because the latest community outbreak is spreading. In part because a group of people decided not to follow the latest isolation requirements and went to work when they were required to isolate and its possible the virus is active outside the latest cluster.  Who knows why these people decided not to isolate. Unless there is a good reason to, I’m still going to have the week off. Leaves more time for riding!

There was still quite a bit of traffic on the road and I saw more people on the second section of the Wattle Downs pathway than normal. Each time I ridden the extended loop I have seen people in the Manurewa Rugby Club carpark. This morning it was two parked up vehicles with dogs. No sign of life except the dogs, perhaps homeless people parked up for the night.

I need to think about what under dungers I wear when riding as the briefs fold over and get uncomfortable.

2 March. A touch over 83 minutes. 1.23.10 The slowest ride since back in September last year. It must have rained a lot more during the night than I thought as the tracks are pretty muddy this morning. Normally, the park is pretty rideable in the wet but not today. It was the first heavy rain for a while, but not quite enough to wash the dust completely off. It was generally pretty slippery everywhere, especially on the roots.

The average speed was over slower than my last ride in the park, almost 2km slower than my top time ever, and close to 11 minutes slower overall than my best time for the circuit.

4 March Something a little different this morning. 1.40.05. I plotted a circuit to use in the wet to keep away from the sloppier areas on the local track. I didn’t stick to it religiously and only missed one down hill and one other short section from my normal ride and added a few sections at the bottom of the park. Despite the rain yesterday and overnight, the tracks were actually in pretty good nick this morning but I still decided to ride the new circuit I had mapped out. It was fun and I managed a few personal record times even.

Unfortunately, my good light headlight kicked the bucket for some reason. Luckily, I have other lights I can use temporarily until I get a new one if I cant get it to play ball again.

The first light light I bought was a Serfras and as I have the mounts for this brand I have stuck with it as I have upgraded over the years. This time last year as it looked like we might go into some sort of lockdown I bought a few spares for my mountain bike. Items I thought might be in short supply if the supply lines from China shut down for any length of time. One of which was the light which played up yesterday. It literally turns night into day when it is working properly.

It seems to be working ok now. It rained quite heavily while I was out riding yesterday morning as I was going down a road section and I suspect that rather a lot of moisture seeped into the device because I hadn’t put the seal back over the charging port once I had finished charging it. Once it had dried out it was all hunkidory.

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