My MTB Journey 8 January

Friday afternoon. 78 minutes, 1.18.07. This is my slowest effort for quite some time which is a bit disappointing and a bit of a setback.

It’s been pretty wet for the last couple of days, it was raining up until a couple of ours before I went riding, and while I thought it had cooled down a bit, its pretty hot and humid. Its the middle of summer after all! And I chose to ride at the hottest part of the day. What I thought might be a nice cooling breeze turned out to be a headwind on all the hardest climbs, including the last uphill grind to home. Given the conditions its s probably not a bad result.

Generally the local tracks are pretty rideable in the wet, though there are some really sloppy when its wet bits and there are root sections that could catch out young players, the inexperienced.  And old farts.

The tracks are still rideable in the wet, even the snotty bits, but the extra effort required to keep rolling on the soft bits and the lack of traction slow an old man down.

The local MTB club has done great job of maintaining the tracks over the past few years and they are metaled. However, some of them are overdue for a bit work because the program was impacted by lockdown restrictions last year. 

I’m going to give it until the end of the month to see if I can break the 70 minute mark for the current circuit and then I am going to extend the length of the regular ride by an extra seven to eight minutes. I’ve also mapped out an extension to the road circuit I have been doing which I might have a crack at on Sunday morning.

I’m determined to keep extending myself while I still because I’m at the age that sooner rather than later I am going to have to acknowledge that I have reached a point of no return and might have to resort to an ebike:-(

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