My MTB Journey 6 Feb

Early Waitangi Day Saturday morning. 76 and a half minutes. 1.16.28, two minutes slower than last Saturday. Not sure what the story was this morning, I felt pretty strong.

I did have to fiddle around opening and closing a gate which cost me some time and for the first time in weeks, I didn’t manage any segment record either. Having said that still 7 minutes quicker than this time last year. I wonder if I will be able to say the same thing this time next year if I can keep up the habit of riding regularly.

This weekend is the second of two long weekends in this part of the world. I planned to ride at least twice last weekend but Monday morning one of the crank arms fell off as headed down the road to the bike park. Bugger. The bolt securing the arm to the crank had come loose and fallen out. A car then ran over the arm and pedal which was laying in the middle of the road. Luckily it didn’t damage the pedal.

I’d been looking for an annoying rattle, for a few weeks but hadn’t thought to check these bolts, who would on a newish bike? Fortunately, the shop I bought the bike from had a spare bolt and I’m back on the road.

When I took the bike in I was a bit discombobulated to discover that there is a waiting list for repairs and servicing. Summer always puts pressure on the workshop, and there’s  the current challenge with getting spare parts due to delays in the supply chains. I was expecting to be off the road for a week or so but was pleased to get a call on Tuesday to say my bike was ready to pick up.

I’m a mechanical idiot but I have now learnt something new in terms of preventative maintenance. In hindsight the securing bolt had been coming loose for some time, and may not have  been fully tight when the bike was put together in the shop.

I’m going to go for another ride on Monday morning and am hoping for a better time. If I feel energetic I might even go for a ride tomorrow morning as well.

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