My MTB Journey 5 December

5 December. Early Saturday morning. Just a whisker over 75 minutes. 1.15.02. I’m a little frustrated because I fumbled with unlocking my phone this morning which delayed me stopping the timer,  which cost me a few seconds. If I had got this right then I am pretty sure I would have easily bettered my target.

However, I still haven’t managed to put together that complete performance I have been striving toward and I had a couple of hairy moments where I got out of shape on a few corners.

There is a clear opportunity for improvement in the first half of the ride, where my times are pretty consistent, but where I’m not seeing the same time gains I am seeing in the second half of the circuit.

It might be a psychological issue I need to work, on as I have a habit of throttling my efforts early on to ensure I don’t run out of steam at the end of the ride.

On the other hand, if I inhabited a Trumpian post truth fantasy world or worked in sales, I would be calling myself a winner and would be slopping some Baileys into my morning coffee in celebration.

Too put this into some form of perspective, on roughly the same date last year when my target was to circulate at under one hour twenty (December 1 2019) I achieved 1.26.22. So while I still haven’t quite hit my target and given I am not getting any younger, this mornings time is something to be pleased about!

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