MY MTB Journey 4 January

Monday 4th January. Hooray for Mondayised Holidays! Just a touch over 75 minutes. 1.15.07. Not too long ago I would have been  happy with this time. The only saving grace is that its been raining off an on for the last few days so the tracks are a bit sloppy in places. On the positive side, today’s time is five minutes better than the same day last year and almost inevitably it always seems to take a bit longer and take more effort when its wet.

Today is the last day of a short break. I’m back to work tomorrow and I am looking to taking more time off later in the month or even February. While I didn’t get close to my target for the MTB circuit I still feel it’s achievable given I hit my best time on a hot, breezy afternoon ten days before the Christmas period. I did manage to meet one of my goals for the short break, which was to ride at least every second day. In the last ten days I have ridden on seven of them. I also managed to ride a section of the rail trail between Thames and Paeroa and the road circuit I have created for myself which I didn’t record in this blog.

As I cycled this morning,  I reflected once again on how lucky we are to be able to get out and about and live relatively normal lives in this country without fear of being infected with Covid, while people in many other countries are in lockdown and or living in countries that looking on from a distance, seem to be falling apart before out eyes.

This could change quickly, the new, more contagious variant of Covid has arrived at the border and it will only take one lapse and we would have community cases. However, for the moment we are free.

One of the other things I wondered about is why there isn’t much talk about extending a travel bubble with places like Taiwan and China, who seem to have the virus under control instead of, or as well as Australia and the smaller Pacific Island states. In my lifetime we have looked to Britain and the US for leadership but at the moment, the US particularly, they are  behaving more like failed states, with despotic rulers doing everything they can to cling to power.

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