My MTB Journey 31 December

Just a wee bit slower than Monday 1.13.31. Roughly the same speed as the other day. Eight Achievements, two personal records, seven minutes faster than this time last year. Yehaaa. Not a bad way to end the year I guess. My score card would say more effort required in the early part of the circuit.

I have managed to get this far with minimal changes to lifestyle, figuring that lots of exercise will help keep my weight down, and regular treats are ok. However, its clear a lot more discipline is required and instead of filling the fuel tank up with comfort food I need to start to be more discerning with my diet and whack a few kilos off.

Looking ahead to a holiday next year, I’m pretty keen on having a crack at some of the rail trails in Otago. These trails as the name suggests follow old, disused railway lines. There are similar rides on the Hauraki Plains, between Kaiaua Matamata via Thames. On Tuesday we did the section between Thames and Paeroa which was roughly thirty kilometres into a head wind. Despite the wind it was a pleasant ride and I am keen to do some more.

Hopefully the coming year will be a better one, both personally, for my family, professionally, and for the wider world. The Covid pandemic has shone a light on inequality and the failure of the market to ensure the well being of people in a time of crisis. When the market fails government should act, to step in to support and regulate, to provide a basic income, call it what you like, that allows the working poor to pay their rent, buy food, and support their families.

If the state is going to provide emergency support for business there also needs to be a mechanism to ensure that the cash is passed onto the people that work in these enterprises instead of lining the pockets of the shareholders.

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