My MTB Journey 30 January

Just under 75  minutes. 1.14.40. First ride in the park in the morning for a few weeks. I’ve been trying to get in two rides a week, but that’s not working well for me .

Early mornings are my preferred time to hit the trails, because I have the place to myself and I enjoy operating at this time of the day. I also like to get my exercise out of the way in the morning, though recently I have been riding in the park after work when, at this time of the year its pretty hot. This morning the only people I encountered were a couple doing some kind of boot camp training in the carpark.

Today’s effort was a minute slower than my last ride and still away off my new target, but when I look back at roughly the same date last year I’m just under ten minutes ahead of the times I was achieving then, so overall I am pretty pleased with myself. My effort might have been impacted by a late night, we went to a neighbour’s birthday celebration which went on (and on and on) a bit. On the other hand, there’s been a drop in temperature over the last few days which is a relief, even early in the morning.

I wonder how much of this year on year improvement is due to better base fitness and the new bike. I am still struggling to get my weight down, which I reckon this is where the next gains will come from. I talk and think about being serious about losing weight, but am finding it difficult to execute. Must try harder. Sounds like my old report cards from school.

I reset my target after I cracked the 75 minute mark in December to 70 minutes by the end of this month. Looking at it now this might have been a bit ambitious, though I did get within a couple of minutes of it when I smashed the original target. So maybe not.

Not sure why I cant even get closer to my best time, I still don’t think I have managed to achieve that perfect effort, and while I’m getting faster in the first half of the circuit, I’m still stronger on the second half. I wonder if this is largely psychological, with my tiny little brain telling me to save myself for the second half in case I run out of puff. When I clearly don’t. I did try warming up on my exercycle once or twice before riding but this didn’t seem to have an appreciable impact .

I have a habit of overthinking things at times and have put myself under pressure to hit these self imposed targets because I have been worried about the inevitable slow decline in output as I get older. Looking at people my age and older, the flip side to this is I reckon that the longer I remain active, the more active I will remain, so that’s the overall aim.

I’ll give it another month and then extend my circuit to get to a route that will take me out to 80 minutes.

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