My MTB Journey 20 November

20 November. Friday afternoon. A fraction over 75 minutes, 1.15.22, with 5 Strava segment achievements! Just 22 seconds to go and I can go bike shopping seriously. However, it might be a long wait before I can get my hands on a new steed, with all sorts of disruptions in local and international supply chains, including congestion in our own key ports slowing things down.

I still haven’t landed on what brand I’m looking at. Bikes are no different to any other big ticket  product with so many similar options to choose from that do pretty much the same thing, with similar componentry, its difficult to land on a decision. With delays in supply it might come down to what’s available when I go shopping.

I’m pretty pleased with my effort given there is a stiff breeze today and its pretty warm out there this afternoon. I snuck off from work a little early, but at this time of the year, and in these temperatures, its probably better to leave riding until a bit later when its cooler. Or ride the early morning which I prefer anyway. The wind never seems to work in my favour either, it’s quite refreshing on the downhills. Unfortunately, all the tough climbs seem to be into a headwind, including the haul up the road from the carpark home.

However, a really good time can’t be far off. I was faster in the first half of the ride than usual and a minute or so slower through the second sector, which reflects riding into the wind up some of the climbs and getting a bit hot and bothered towards the end.

A time of around 74 minutes doesn’t feel beyond me at the moment the way things are going. The trend graph since I started using the Strava app from the end of July last year to record my rides is interesting and shows a steady improvement in speed, though I guess it will flatten off at some point.

The data shows that it took me a while to get back to the times I achieved at the end of March. Though it doesn’t tell the full story, there was a lot going on in my life in May, June, and July, and when the tracks are a bit damp it slows me down.

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