My MTB Journey 15 – 22 January

15 January, Friday afternoon. 77 and a half minutes or 1.17.25. Slightly better than the last ride, but still a long way off my target. Really hot and windy again, but the tracks are in good nick.

It appears that the heat has as much to do with my times as the condition of the tracks, at this time of the year at least. The tracks are a bit damp after rain earlier today but the heat seems to be the main performance limiter.

I have been out of sorts all week, I think I might have got a bit dehydrated after the last ride and pulled a muscle in my abdomen, or both. Its taken until today for me to feel ok. I had a few beers last Friday night, so I will ensure I have a few less tonight.

I’m determined to get a ride in during the week in the morning before work. I run some calls from eight so feel a bit rushed if I ride in the morning and then have to head off and prepare. I think the solution is to go for a ride and do the calls from home and then go in. I’ll give this a crack maybe on Wednesday and see how I go, or possibly even Monday.

Sunday I’m planning to ride somewhere else, not sure where yet.

17 January. Sunday road ride. About two hours. I extended my range but cocked up and paused Strava halfway through the ride while I was looking for a connection to the pathway I was looking for, so I don’t have the full details. I’ll have to try again. Sections of this route are around an interesting part of Auckland.

22 January. Friday. 74 minutes. 1.13.59. Three minutes better than this time last week and just under ten minutes better than this time last year. Its pretty hot and windy, but cooler than the last few rides and the tracks are in good nick. I had to pause and re-tie my shoelace and pull over for some fast riders a couple of times, and I struggled to get my phone unlocked to stop recording when I got home, so the time was actually probably closer to 73 minutes, still a way off my best time and my target.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with myself. I was a bit worried that I might have reached my peak with the slower times recently but normal service has been resumed. On reflection I think the slower times were a result of the really hot and windy conditions.

The interesting thing about the data reporting today is that I seem to have ridden an extra two kilometres more than normal and increased my average speed by almost three kilometres an hour. Go figure. Unfortunately these numbers will cock up my stats forever:-)

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