My MTB Journey 13 December

Sunday morning road ride 1.36.47.  Two and a half minutes better than my best time on this route. It’s fairly windy still and the first half of the ride seemed to be into a stiff breeze. However, I still managed an improvement.

I rode this circuit this morning to see how the new wheels would perform on the road. It’s a twelve speed, great for the trails, but lacks a few higher gears to take advantage of the down hills. However, the ratios seem better for climbing.

Reflecting as I rode, given how I knocked a significant chunk of time off my MTB circuit on Friday, I’ve decided to see if I can get down to 70 minutes by the end of January as my next target. It will be interesting to see if I can maintain the recent trend of recent gains. At some point I must hit a ceiling where I won’t improve and performance drops away, I’m not getting any younger. However, it’s not that long ago when 75 minutes seemed a long way off!

Equally I don’t feel as if I have put a complete effort together yet and while the tracks are generally in good nick, some of them are getting a bit overgrown. It would also be great to have a ride where I don’t feel as if I am riding into a headwind all the time or get held up by another rider with no opportunity for a safe passing maneuver.

Returning to this morning. I started riding around the roads during lockdown when there was little traffic, and even now when things are back to normal, if I go early enough on a Sunday morning the roads are normally fairly quiet. Its also something a little different and a break from rolling around the local MTB trails.

Today was a little different. There seemed to be more people wandering around, making their way home from parties or sitting around in the open areas around the cycle pathways I ride through than usual. I guess its the time of the year when people are out celebrating. One guy did pop out of a walkway and almost walked into me, by accident or design I don’t know. He didn’t seem drunk, might have been high on meth. I suspect there are also more people on the roads, going to and from work as businesses put in extra hours at this time of the year. The time I was riding was a bit early for people going to church.

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