My MTB Journey 11 Feb

Thursday afternoon. 74 minutes flat 1.14.00. Forty seconds faster than Monday morning. I knocked off work a little early today and went out for a sneaky ride.

I thought it was a bit cooler than recent days but by the time I got underway after dealing with a technical issue, it seemed to have warmed up and it was really muggy. It was also a lot windier than I realised and of course the wind was blowing the wrong way on the tough accents. The only good thing about the breeze was that it was nice and cool.

I’m getting more serious about hitting my target time by the end of the month. I have put myself on a no crap diet, limiting my bread and beer intake, though I am having a beer at the moment, and avoiding my regular treats. I’ve also been doing some analysis using data out of Strava and have broken the ride up into chunks to set up more checkpoint targets.

Despite running out of puff towards the end today, I achieved four segment records and two second fastest times, five of them in the first quarter of the circuit today which is what I have been targeting. I hit my times for the first two quarters, was a minute off for the third, and then fell away on the last quarter. So I started out well, held my own through until the three quarter stage of the ride and then wilted a bit on the last section where I usually feel pretty strong. Then it was up the road from the park to home which is tough enough without a headwind.

74 minutes flat is almost 7 minutes ahead of this time last year and I had trouble unlocking my phone when I got home (again) so I was probably a little better than the recorded time. Overall, I am pretty pleased with myself.

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