March and April sales update

It’s been well over a month since I penned a blog so here is the March and April issue combined. Recent feedback suggests I have an audience who enjoy reading my updates and  I need to keep my fans engaged so they know when book number four is ready to roll and remind everyone who hasn’t read the series yet what they are missing out on.

Since the official end of my campaign to sell three thousand plus copies of my books by the beginning of March 2017  of I have been reflecting on the lessons learnt. It would be an understatement to say that since I stopped any form of advertising or promotion my sales have plateaued. Checkout my Amazon Author page to get a link to the books.

Seven  books in the last two months is a long way off my now open ended target of three thousand plus sales before I release book number four which I am hoping will be my breakthrough work. The key lesson is advertising, even though I have no empirical evidence it seems that any form of adverting leads to increased awareness and sales.

In the short term I might have to take a leaf out of President Donald Trump’s playbook and resort to some alternative sales get closer to my target which will make me feel better while the very, very great sales drive which will have tremendous results which will allow me to give up my day job and allow me to write full time comes to fruition. Just so you know, in the real world I’m going to have to sell a shitload of books before she who must be obeyed is going to let me give up the day job.

The reality is, as someone explained to me the other day is that writing for most of us and getting the masterpiece knocked into shape with professional editing and cover design is a vanity project unless you strike it lucky and build up a cult following which provides enough in the way of sales to live off or get picked up by a mainstream publisher. While this comment is certainly true, and nothing I don’t already know, it is a little deflating and is momentary cause to re-think whether I am getting any value with the time, effort and cost involved in writing this series. However, I was only discouraged for about thirty seconds as this same person continued on and told me The Lifeboat is a well written and captivating read and they were eagerly awaiting the fourth installment, suggesting some areas for improvement in the same breath.

So the key learnings on this journey are:

  • keep talking about the books when ever I have the chance – unashamed self promotion
  • dont be shy, most people are laughing with me not at me
  • keep writing and taking constructive criticism on board, writing is like anything – practice makes perfect
  • spend a few bucks here and there on advertising , every little bit help
  • get people to like my Amazon author page  and engage with my Facebook Page




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