July Skidian Chronicles Update – #Interesting facts

As those of you who have been paying attention are aware, I have finally finished the first draft, a brain dump of coherent and barely coherent scribbles, call it what you will of the fourth book in the Skidian Chronicles series. The discerning reader will also note I have upgraded the description of the books being a part of a trilogy, it has  now morphed into a series. This means I can continue to develop the worlds and characters I have created over the last few years which my small but staunch group of fans have come to know and love without awkward explanations along the lines of how can a trilogy consist of four books and possibly five?

I had a break for a week after completing the first draft and am now well into the first real edit of the manuscript. In just over a week I am 20% of my way through and I have already added 3000 words. At this rate I will eventually end up with a work of two hundred thousand words! So I will need to apply a razor to it at some stage as I repeat the process over and over until I get to the stage I can pass it onto a professional to work their magic. I also have to get it in a manageable form for the people who have put their hands up as beta readers to review.

Continuity is now crucial to this initial editing process, I need to keep chipping away at it  and ensure it all makes sense and hangs together. In the immediate future this is going to be a challenge as I have a holiday coming up. My secret plan is to put a bit of time aside most days to keep reviewing the draft to keep my hand in and head in the game until we return home when I can go full bore again. I am not sure how this is going to fly with she who must be obeyed  so I had better keep it a secret. Just between us.

On a completely different subject. While I’m  relaxing with a beer tonight I have been looking at some stats on Amazon related to the books already published and uncovered some interesting sales related information. Top of the list has to be – its obvious isn’t it? I am a long way off my self imposed target  of selling three thousand books by Christmas 2016. Though, as you can see from the graph below there have been some impressive upward sales numbers at different times and the trend line continues to head up which is comforting. Its amazing what a free giveaway or two can do for your numbers. Unfortunately, in my case giving away the first book in the series doesn’t seem to have translated into sales of the subsequent books which was the general idea.

Interesting fact number one

  • Due to the fact I gave  a number of books away my average monthly sales (the total of actual sales and free books) is about forty a month. In reality if sell ten to fifteen I am pretty happy.

Interesting fact number two

  • I spent NZD$18 on adds in July for a total royalty of about NZD$16. My wife and my accountant have both informed me in no uncertain terms not to give up my day job in a hurry.

Interesting fact number three

  • About a third of my Amazon royalties come from the Kindle Owners lending Library for Prime customers. This channel is quite a lucrative source if income I had not considered previously.

So, moral of the story? There are more ways to generate revenue than I thought. Don’t forget to like my Amazon Author page and introduce yourself to the Skidian Chronicles series if you haven’t already done so. If you are feeling really adventurous  check me out on Goodreads.



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