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Welcome to the new subscribers to this mailing list and thanks for signing up. I hope those of you who have downloaded Skid are enjoying the book and are keen to read the rest of the series. To that end, for the next week or so, I have reduced the price for electronic version of the second book in the series – The Second Coming available on Amazon and Smashwords  for US $0.99.

In other news I am arranging to have my books printed locally so I will be able to sell hard copies at a reasonable price and still be able to make a little cash in the process. After the raging success of my first book signing, where at least half the people who said they were turning up actually did.I am planning another session here in the big smoke (Auckland, NZ). If you are in this part of the world I am aiming to run this before the end of October and the start of the silly season in my day job.

Printing the books locally will also mean all those people who still like the feel of a book can purchase from me direct, a little cheaper than from Amazon. I hope to sell out my first print run at least. If I don’t you know what friends and family are going to receive for Christmas, birthdays and special occasions for the rest of my days.

For those looking for their next great read, I am well underway with a fifth book in a similar universe. Spoiler alert, world affairs just keep on giving in terms of subject matter.

Finally, in the past I have written the first draft of my books in long hand, but this time round I am typing from the start. Those of you who have witnessed my typing will be having a laugh at my expense right about now.!

Anyhow, I have set a target publishing date of January 2020. However, at the rate I am going it could well be sooner. After that I will be helping she who must be obeyed to bring a book about immigration to life.

Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat, The Colonists.

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Photo of the week- spotted on the back of a caravan the other day. I am adopting this tagline as well as the more useful- I am living the dream!

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