My MTB Journey November 14

14 November. Saturday Morning. A fraction under the 77 minute mark 1.16.50. I’m pretty pleased with the effort given I haven’t been for a ride for almost two weeks. I seem to have had a bit of trouble with the longer hill climbs, looking at the segment results I can see opportunities for shaving some […]

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Being an elite athlete has its frustrations. It seems every time I get a roll on and get my performance close to my target, shit happens. If its not just periodic lack of enthusiasm and mechanical failures. Earlier in the year it was lockdown one and the local bike park was theoretically closed. Then once […]


My MTB Journey 2 November.

2 November.  Monday morning and another record. First time I have cracked the 76 minute mark. 1.15.42. 28 seconds better than Saturday morning. 12 segment achievements including two records for some of the longer sections. However, still not the complete effort I’m looking for. I had a couple of whoopsie excursions off the track, encountered […]

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My MTB Journey 31 October.

31 October. Saturday Morning.  Another record time! A  touch over 76 min 1.16.10. Still looking for that complete effort – 70 seconds to go to hit my target. Needless to say I’m pretty pleased with this effort and how consistently I am performing at the moment. Just over a month ago, at a similar time […]

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My MTB Journey 28 October

28 October. Wednesday afternoon, again a touch over 76 minutes. 1.16.20. I’m pretty pleased with the time given it was only 2 seconds off my best effort. It was quite warm and windy today. After Saturday, I had identified that there were opportunities improving my time in the first half of the ride, which I  duly […]

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My MTB journey 26 October

26 October. Monday (Labour Day). Something a little different today. I rolled out of bed and decided I would hit the road instead of the bike park for something a bit different. 1 hour 39 minutes for this route. A full ten minutes than my best time on the road. Ten minutes is quite a […]

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24 Oct. Early Saturday morning.  A touch over 76 minutes. 1.16.18. My best time ever and three PB’s according to Strava. A full minute better than Thursday afternoon, five minutes or so better than last Saturday! On the other hand its only taken me six months to beat my last PB. I have no idea […]

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My MTB Journey 22 Oct 2020

2 Oct. Thursday after work. A touch over 77 minutes 1.17.19. Four and a bit minutes quicker than the other morning. Go figure why there is such a big fluctuation in results and I ‘m a little vexed that I can’t cycle consistently around the 77 minute mark. As I was circulating I thought I […]

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