Crowd Funding Campaign

Hi everyone, I have created a crowd funding campaign on Pledgeme to help pay for the print run of books I did late last year. Click here to go to the campaign page. I am pretty hopeful of success as before I even launch the campaign $70 has already been pledged! This will help fund […]

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January 2019 update

It’s been a while since my last update and this list has grown significantly in that time, so here are a few words of questionable wisdom and a welcome to all my new subscribers. If you are new to the series one of my fans recently described my writing  style as Hitch Hikers Guide meets Guardians […]

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Skidian Chronicles update

Hi everyone, its Friday night again in this part of the world and I have a few moments to myself to sit back, have a beer or two and reflect on the last few weeks, and more importantly, my secret plan to become a best selling writer. I snuck away early from work which gave […]

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Skidian Chronicles Update

Its been almost a month or since my last update and I have a few things to share. Thanks to everyone who has download Skid The First Skidian Chronicle, and thanks especially to all those people who taken the time to let me know how much you have enjoyed reading it. I have noticed a […]

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