#alternativefacts Sales update

The other week I reviewed progress against my March 1 2017 deadline to sell three thousand one hundred books and realized I was a long way off getting anywhere near this nice round number. An urgent call to arms and some decisive action was required if I was going to get anywhere close by the end of the month.

In keeping with the great new American innovation of using alternative facts to support any story or position I decided any transaction made via Amazon relating to my books should be considered a sale. This meant books given away through free promotions should count towards my stretch target.

I had been considering a giveaway for the first novel in the trilogy – The First Chronicle for some time as part of a loose marketing plan I have been putting together so the timing was right for this. I also intend to set up a giveaway for the Second Coming to keep the interest in the series up and inch toward my target so keep a look out for this later in the month. There will be no giveaway for The Lifeboat, book number three in the series, until book number four, with a working title of  The Colonist is ready to go. I have a vague release date of Christmas 2017 for The Colonist, just in time to be a stocking filler, as long as my day job doesn’t get in the way too much between now and then. Some of my other time consuming hobbies like drinking beer and riding motorcycles are also going to have to take a bit of a back seat if I am going to manage this.

To cut to the chase, I set up a promotion the other night, boosted a Facebook post advertising the promotion, and in a three day period  I managed to sell  306 books which is a pretty good effort in anyone’s language. The breakdown is three hard copies and four kindle books and ‘alternative’ sales of 299 books.

Needless to say I am pretty pleased with this effort. If I was receiving the standard royalty this is getting well into the territory of being able to make a comfortable living out of writing. (Note to self – build up that fan base and finish book number four, get the ball rolling, live the dream).

Even my little sales graph is starting to look as though I am getting somewhere. Since April last year I have sold 586 novels on Amazon, including ‘alternative’ sales and have sold or given away a further twenty or so hard copy books in the same period. I have also sold a few books through a Wellington Bookstore.  I am also being read by subscribers to the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

While I am a ways of my target at least 600 people in the last year or so have bought and (hopefully) read my books and I would like to think enjoyed them. Which I  reckon is a bloody good effort by any measure!





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