The Skidian Chronicles

Welcome. You have landed at the home of the Skidian Chronicles series of space opera novels written by Keith Fenwick. This series has been described as combining the styles found  Hitch Hikers Guide meets Guardians of the Galaxy, with a little Crocodile Dundee thrown in for good measure.

The books are available on Amazon in kindle and hard copy versions. If you prefer books can be purchased directly from Keith by navigating to the shop page

Keith also has a blog which can be found here. Visit the blog and sign up for his newsletter to stay abreast of any updates and giveaways and anything else Keith and his alter ego can think of to say.

The five books in the series so far are  on Amazon are: Skid-the First Chronicle,  The Second Coming,  The Lifeboat, The Colonists, and The Island

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The Skidian Chronicles on Facebook