Wellington book signing for The Colonists

Well my first ‘official’ book signing is done and dusted. It was a fantastic experience. Cat and Caro at the Writers Plot Read bookshop in Lower Hutt were really great, I sold some books, and about half the people who said they were going to turn up, actually  made an appearance. Can’t ask for more than that. The team at the bookshop gave us a book token which I promptly spent in the shop.

The bookshop specializes in books by New Zealand authors and covers the full spectrum of literary output. The shelves are stocked with work from over 200 New Zealand authors. If you are looking for some interesting books get along to the shop or browse their catalog online.

Today has given us a few pointers on how to run a book launch closer to home. The command authority reckons we should try a library, but I am in favour of another bookshop or a friendly bar. I’m sure it would be easier to encourage people to buy a book if I offer them a beer at the same time.

The command authority took heaps of photos, a few of which are in this newsletter and others can be seen on the Skidian Chronicles Facebook Page .

Sales and marketing insights this week.

  • While all my efforts are on promoting the latest book The Colonists and I am giving away Skid the First Chronicle, Skid  is my biggest seller in ebook and hardcopy through my various sales channels.
  • My newsletter is opened more times than the industry standard. Not sure what this means.

Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat, The Colonists

Some snaps from the signing.


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