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Once again I have been pretty slack in not posting here for a while. Needless to say I have not achieved my stretch  sales targets and will have to review them in light of the current market conditions. As every good salesperson knows the goal posts keep shifting around the field day to day and you have to work out how to move the ball up the field wiithout some smart bastard undoing all your good work and scoring an intercept try at the other end of the field.

One of the things I have learnt is that any advertsing is good. Unless you have a captive market, marketing and advertising are keys to success. The challenge for all Indie writers and publishers is to work out how to create a point of difference.

I have a core group of followers, waiting patiently for my next book, but my aim is to take my work to the next level and generate at least enough sales to cover the costs of preofessional editing and cover design. Making enough money to by a new ute would be a bonus.

Indie writers depend on readers, friends and family, to help  promote their books and especially to leave reviews, like Amazon Author pages and Goodreads profiles. So if you haven’t already please do your bit:-)

Fast forward to today, just shy of two years after I published The Lifeboat, the third book in the Skidian Chronicles series, I have gone about as far as I can with the fourth novel and it is almost time to put myself and my work in the hands of an editor.

The first draft of The Colonists ended up at about one hundred and fifty thousand words, a pretty lengthy book by any means. But, as I tell people I have a rich vein of subject matter to mine. My editing process has added another thirty thousand words, which I guess isn’t the norm either. It should have got shorter, not longer!

So while I have a well earned beer and I am still reasonably coherent its time to reflect on the journey of last two years.

Writing a book consumes an enourmous  chunk of time, so I reckon it is quite an achievement to get this far and I have to thank Mrs Fenwick for allowing me the space and the time to work on it. My other hobbies have largely taken a back seat and the demands of the day job means my creative time is a precious commodity.

Additionaly, we’ve moved house, always a stressful time, had a number of holidays, and I still need to get out and about on my motorbike regularly, though not as often as I would like. It languishes in the garage with only just enough k’s on the clock for its first service.

In The Lifeboat I introduced a Donald Trump like character, and surprise suprise the Donald is now President of the United States, so you can imagine the fun I had with that in The Colonist. Then recently a celestial body from outside the solar system, that could have been an alien space craft, passed by earth. Talk about fact being stranger than fiction!

There’s still a lot of work to do before I publish, but I am hoping The Colonist will be good to go in a few months. I like to think I created a new Sci Fi genre-Historical Sci Fi,  but others have told me this is not the case.

Which raise a good question, what am I writing about? Well on one level it is a sci-fi series, but on another it is more contemporary. As someone said to me the other day, Barry Crump meets scifi, a series with an unabashed New Zealand theme.

If you havent already, you might want to get up to speed with the play and read The Lifeboat.

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