The Skid Chronicles

The second novel in the Skid Chronicles series of science fiction novels is close to being published. Here is an excerpt from the novel.

“It amused Bruce how these three copied him so studiously, it also came as a sobering surprise to realise that they considered him a worthy role model. He’d never considered that before, him a role model?  The three of them had forsaken the Skidian tradition of smoking agbar through the nose, affected clothing like his own and made hilarious attempts to work his dogs that the dogs equally studiously ignored. It wasn’t so much that they were one man dogs, they simply didn’t understand what the Skidians required of them. Cop reckoned that their attempts at whistling made about as much sense as a flock of mating fantails in the springtime. The dog made his own fun on the odd occasion and pretended to respond thereby raising their hopes and them shattering them as he and the other two dogs loped off midway through a job or simply refused to budge”

Purchase the first novel here.

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