The Lifeboat

The Lifeboat coverIn The Lifeboat, a killer asteroid is on a collision course for Earth.  If it strikes, then life on the planet will be extinguished and even a tiny outpost of mankind will be lucky to survive.

At much the same time an alien from the planet Skid has been identified lurking on Earth and a secret government organisation is charged with making contact with him and enlisting his assistance to somehow deflect the asteroid out of harms’ way with his space ship.

However, the asteroid isn’t heading toward earth by accident. It has been sent on its way by the Skidian first people who have uploaded themselves to a celestial version of the cloud. These self-styled Transcendents left their physical state far behind. But not it seems their flesh and blood emotions and a need for an ultimate backup plan; a supply of fresh bodies to download into if required.

The asteroid and the space ship are integral to their plan to repopulate Skid after the famine that has all but wiped out their store of ‘fleshies’, the descendants of people they have hoovered up over the years.

The Lifeboat takes us on a journey that ultimately not only fulfills the Transcendents’ requirements but also goes a long way to explaining the true meaning of life and everything.

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