The Lifeboat sales update #2.

Target: 3000 copies by March 1 2017.

After the high level of interest in Sales Update #1 I decided it would be a good idea to follow pretty quickly with a further update for my hordes of followers and outline the key components of my cunning plan to sell three thousand of my novels by March 1 2017.

The main activities for this month, apart from talking up the books every chance I get, have been the writing of a media release that went out last week. It went out to all the major newsrooms around the country, including radio and tv, and all the community newspapers, as it appears the latter is all that most people have any interest in.

I also setup an advertising campaign on Amazon and began the process to have The Lifeboat submitted to RNZ for review on the nine to noon program.

Monitoring the Amazon advertising campaign has been insightful. There have literally been tens of thousands of impressions which do not translate into sales. I am not sure what success should look like but at least I should cover the cost of the adds! More on that next time but I think I now need to increase my sales target by several hundred just to pay for the add campaign.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the RNZ submission is going anywhere as I believe the books need to be available in local bookstores for people to go out and purchase, and having them available on Amazon only probably doesn’t count. This is a bit of a bugger really.

On another note, one of the things I find really interesting is that I had no problem twisting people’s arms to buy and review the first book in the series but getting these same people to review the latest novel, even though they think it is a better effort all round is like herding cats. I am going to have to work on my coercion tactics to get some more reviews.

Having said all that sales have picked up, though it is hard to tell how much impact all of this activity and expense has had, especially as the bulk of the sales seem to be for book 1 in the series and not for Lifeboat which is the edition I am spending all the cash on. Go figure. Maybe that is down to reviews like this. The First Chonicle

kid is the first novel in a trilogy of Skidian Chronicles . An imaginative and original plot which sees Bruce, a classic kiwi bloke, along with his three farm dogs, transpFRONTCover-AMAZONorted to the planet Skid in a distant solar system by the leader of an over-evolved society which has forgotten the value of work. In their quest to find experts who can re-acquaint them with the processes of food production, the Skidians also collect Sue, a young American travel agent. Over time Bruce and Sue learn to make the best of their new environment, vocations and each other, though the results fall short of both the human and Skidian expectations. The story moves as quickly as Sue’s erratic emotions and Bruce’s insights into the Skidian character. With lashings of humour and philosophy Skid is a fun and fascinating read, perhaps wandering in the footsteps of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf, just waiting for a brave American film studio to snap up the film rights and rescue Mr Fenwick from his day job.”

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