The Colonists

Well book four of The Skidian Chronicles series – The Colonists is with the editor for his final run through and I am aiming to publish it on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format by the end of the month. I will also be making the titles available on my Shopify site  (  for those people who don’t have an Amazon account. I will post updates once  I am ready to roll.

I have been checking back through my notes and I started working on this book back in early May 2016. Seems, a long time ago now. I have also been keeping a rough tally of the hours I have spent on this project. Spread over the two year period, including breaks while on holiday, or just resting my brain, and more latterly while the finished product has been with the editor and I have had the man flu, I have spent an average of 10 hours a week on this project. This is a considerable investment in time and energy for a hobby project. The word count has topped out at just under 165000 words.

While it would be great to receive some financial compensation for the effort and to offset the cost of editing and the cover, good help doesn’t come cheap, this is after all a hobby. This is my version of hiding in a shed mending things or fishing, restoring a car, enjoying the great outdoors, or playing golf every weekend.

Reviews are hugely important to independent authors. If you would be like to get an advance copy of The Colonists to read please let me know. All I ask is that once the book is published you will purchase the finished product and review it for me on Amazon once it is published.

I am using the same cover designer I used for the previous three books- I think this cover is bloody awesome and the draft blurb will give you a sneak preview of  what this story is all about.

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