The Colonists-all done and dusted

Two years and a month or so since the publication of The Lifeboat, the fourth book in the Skidian Chronicles series: The Colonists is now available on Amazon as a kindle ebook and as a paperback. I am expecting stampede from my avid fans to see how I have woven the last two years of my life into the plot. A number of people, my workmates included, are also keen to see how they might be portrayed. Thanks to everyone for the support, and thanks to those who have downloaded the book from Amazon before my ‘official’ launch.

While scifi is the platform, the series is also a bit of a piss take. Ok. I could have phrased that a little differently. However, Bruce and I have had a few beers, I will suffer in the morning but Bruce won’t. If sci fi isn’t really your thing, you might want to take another look at these books as the series does also touch on a number of  important contemporary themes, scifi is just the vehicle to express them. The series should appeal equally to someone prepared to chain themselves to a native tree to prevent it from being felled in the name of progress and the bloke hanging onto the end of a chainsaw ready to turn it into firewood, who wonders if the protester will get out of the way when he fires it up.

For people who don’t have an Amazon account or who are reluctant to have online accounts of any sort: all those people who put tape over the cameras on their laptops in case someone is watching, I have built an online bookshop at where you can download the book in the universal epub format and pay me directly. Information on the best apps to read epub books on can be found here. I can supply hard copies as well but be aware my inventory is next to nothing, so expect delays if you are after one.

To be honest I would really like you to download the electronic book version or purchase a paperback from one of the major online providers like Amazon and take the time to write a review. I would really appreciate this because every review helps independent writers like myself get noticed and sell more books. If I start to get generate enough sales to get by on, she who must be obeyed might let me give up my day job and write full time and buy more toys. For those that know me,  I like my fossil fuel powered toys.

Liking my Amazon author page also helps, you can also sign up for my blog at where I post various updates about the books and like the Skidian Chronicles Facebook page and begin a dialogue in the Skidian Chronicles group.

Amazon is my preferred platform at the moment but I will publish on others over the next few weeks, starting with Google Play.

Here is the blurb for The Colonists.

The Colonists is the long-awaited sequel to The Lifeboat. The MFY program is now sending astronauts on a one-way trip to Mars funded by a reality television show documenting their every move.

The few people who begin to question how an organisation starting life as a Ponzi scheme could suddenly develop the capability to send people into space and develop a settlement in the harsh Martian environment find themselves transported to the other side of the galaxy to a very different world.

Ultimately, the MFY program is a front for a project initiated by the Transcendents who inhabit a galactic version of the cloud to supply human bodies to meet their species continuity requirements.

Sometimes the Transcendents decide to cut their own track which threatens to derail the entire project.

Finally a man doesn’t get this far by himself. Special thanks to the following:

  • She who must be obeyed (Mrs Fenwick) for supplying food and beer when required and giving me the support and space to get on with it.
  • The cover art, which I think is bloody awesome, was produced by Martin at
    • Martin has gone over and above what I asked him initially – thanks a heap mate.
  • My editor was Keith (great name that) from  Clikka  and

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