Free Skid ebook download opportunity-help me become a best selling author for free!

While I have been away on holiday book sales have been slow, actually they were almost non-existent. When we were away, I did little in the way of marketing  and my best performing Amazon add ended. This goes to show that to keep sales ticking over I need to keep chipping away at various forms of promotion, anything is better than nothing. We bumped into a number of people who said they were sci-fi fans and would download the books and post a review. However, I have seen little evidence of this. You know who you are, I hope you are feeling a little guilty if you are reading this blog 🙂

My marketing activities take many forms, including Facebook posts, boosting those posts, Amazon adds, and taking every opportunity to talk about the books. I come across a lot of people who express interest in the books but these don’t often lead to sales and reviews which are essential to drive more sales. There are a few other things I can try, like book readings and the like.

What this boils down to is I am a long way off my target of three thousand sales so I am going to run a few free downloads to see if I can boost the numbers. This is a transaction so can be counted as a sale? Right? If I can sell enough books, she who must be obeyed might let me do this full time.

If you haven’t read any of my books yet, click on the link to get a free Kindle download of Skid, The First Skidian Chronicle from Amazon

In case you need any more encouragement here is one of my favorite reviews.

‘Skid is the first novel in a trilogy of Skidian Chronicles . An imaginative and original plot which sees Bruce, a classic kiwi bloke, along with his three farm dogs, transported to the planet Skid in a distant solar system by the leader of an over-evolved society which has forgotten the value of work. In their quest to find experts who can re-acquaint them with the processes of food production, the Skidians also collect Sue, a young American travel agent. Over time Bruce and Sue learn to make the best of their new environment, vocations and each other, though the results fall short of both the human and Skidian expectations. The story moves as quickly as Sue’s erratic emotions and Bruce’s insights into the Skidian character. With lashings of humour and philosophy Skid is a fun and fascinating read, perhaps wandering in the footsteps of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf, just waiting for a brave American film studio to snap up the film rights and rescue Mr Fenwick from his day job.’

My new special friend. He is a great listener.


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A milestone of sorts

A milestone of sorts this week. Finished the first draft of The Colonist which maybe renamed The Colonists as there is more than one of them. This draft adds up to something just shy of  one hundred and sixty thousand words all told so it is a reasonably lengthy tome.  It will be interesting to […]

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#alternativefacts Sales update

The other week I reviewed progress against my March 1 2017 deadline to sell three thousand one hundred books and realized I was a long way off getting anywhere near this nice round number. An urgent call to arms and some decisive action was required if I was going to get anywhere close by the […]

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January Sales update.

Well I am a long way from getting anywhere near my target of 3000 sales by the end of this month. With this in mind I have decided on an alternative approach to achieving this target. While it would be nice to make some money out of my works, for the first two books at […]

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November sales update

Welcome to my world of being an indie sci fi author and publisher. Back at the beginning of November I was quite excited with the record number of books sold in October with sales coming at almost one a day. I thought this was quite an achievement. Another month has gone by and  I have […]

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