Skidian Chronicles New Year message

Well it is the time of the year when people reflect on the events of the previous twelve months and review the outcomes of any plans made and documented when full of good interventions and spirits of the alcoholic type. It’s also the time of the year we make resolutions we probably won’t keep and when news makers have a few beers or enjoy the drug of their choice, gaze into their crystal balls, and make their predictions for the year to come. Most of which never come to fruition. For example, this time last year I don’t think many people would have predicted Mr Putin and Donald Trump appearing to collude in some kind of bizarre plot to take  over the world and against all predictions succeeding. But there you go.

In this part of the world many people are enjoying their summer holidays, but as an aside, spare a thought for all those in retail, picking up hay, or shearing sheep, and who are involved in other industries for whom this is the busiest time of the year while we are having a break.

Anyway, this blog only has a passing interest in the machinations of the American political system which seems designed to keep a bunch of rednecks in power because the opposition of so called lefties appear to have ignored their roots which is built around a fair crack for everyone. The sad part of it for an outsider looking in, which is also a reflection to a lesser extent of our own political reality, is there is no balance between the beliefs of those who are champions of the free market until the playing field is leveled and a command economy where there is little reward for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Anyhow I digress, its a bloody tall order to expect those nutters to learn the art of compromise given they always seem to be able to bully their way to achieving what they want and nobody is prepared to stand in their way. All I hope is they don’t turn the planet into a burnt cinder in the process of pursing their narrow beliefs over the next year.

For a number of years I have noted down my aspirations because I realized a a man needs targets in life, even if they are pretty basic like; make more money, get those cholesterol levels down, drink less, keep the missus happy, buy a new car/boat/motorbike/ or any other expensive toy that probably won’t make the missus happy, etc etc.

My personal goals for this year, apart from keeping she who must be obeyed happy, as I subscribe to the proven theory of happy wife happy life, eating less, exercising more, riding my motorbike as often as possible – was to finish off the third novel in the Skidian Chronicles trilogy and begin work on the next book in the series. Part way through the year I added a target of selling 3000 copies of the books by Christmas 2016. I later extended this target to March 2017.

She who must be obeyed needs to attest whether I have kept her happy, but I am pretty pleased with the way things unfolded bar the last (stretch) objective. I am a long way off selling 3000 copies of my books by March (the beginning or end of the month have yet to be defined) 2017.

To be honest the cash I have spent on adds with Amazon, Google, and Facebook would have been better spent on a holiday for the missus,  bits for my motorbike, or both.  At one point I got really excited with the sales volumes and the royalty cheques but the sad truth of it is, the aforementioned are benefiting from my spending far more than I am.

In terms of my writing, the high point of the year was being told by one person who knows a bit about book publishing, the First Chronicle was unexpectedly good – read the review here. To be fair in most respects 2016 was a pretty good year and all I can really hope for is a better 2o17.

Before I bore you all to death, in case I haven’t already here are my aspirations for the coming year in no particular order.

  • Happy wife, happy life
  • Finish the fourth book in the Skidian Chronicles Trilogy and have it ready for publishing by December 2017
  • Discover and implement opportunities to help fulfill my target of selling 3000 copies of my novels by Christmas 2017 soending no more than $100 on advertsing
  • Be interviewed on Radio NZ
  • Read more books and less Facebook posts
  • Sell more books

Happy New Year.

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