Skidian Chronicles March Update

Greetings from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles creative department and welcome to all our new subscribers. Of which there is an ever-increasing number.

March 2020 is a rather surreal time for us all. In this country many of us have felt isolated and somewhat immune from the impacts of Covid 19 virus which is sweeping across the world, overwhelming health systems and leading to many deaths,  and exposing shortcomings in various government’s handling of the situation.

There are only a handful of reported cases here, though I suspect there are many that remain undetected in the community, and more will come to light in the next days and weeks. There are plenty of people taking a cavalier attitude to the pandemic, coming to work when they or their families are sick, or feeling bullet proof even after eating in a wet market in Wuhan or galivanting around northern Italy on their way home from a holiday. And there are always those which would rather put profit before people.

However, shit has just got real as sporting competitions and cultural events and other large gatherings are cancelled or suspended. International travel bans are in place and being ramped up as I write this. But that’s not all, the world as we know it will likely change in ways that we are yet to understand once the pandemic is under control.

The Skidian Chronicles series begins with a pandemic on a world that is unprepared for it and leadership that believes it is immune from its impact. Sound familiar?

While the series is topical I don’t want to be seen to profit out of the current situation. To that end, for those that haven’t read them and might find themselves in isolation in the coming days and weeks, and need something to read; the first four books ( Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat,  and The Colonists will be free to download from Amazon from midnight the 16th of March (Pacific time) for three days.

What am I reading now?

I’ve just finished the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons.

What am I looking forward to reading?

Still looking forward to reading Crimechurch by Mike Botur

Happy reading.

Bruce and his alter ego Keith

Where to find the books on Amazon – Skid, The First ChronicleThe Second ComingThe Lifeboat, The Colonists, and The Island.

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