Skid – The First Skidian Chronicles giveaway competition

I have experimented with a number of marketing ideas to get my work in front of people and encourage them to buy and read my novels with varying degrees of success. Most of them have one thing in common –  they all cost money. Which is ok but at some point you have to ask yourself is putting money in the pocket of Facebook, Google, and Amazon really all that effective? I would hate to think and have the missus find out how much I have spent on advertising for bugger all return. Especially as we have just bought and moved into a new house and she is on an economy drive to ensure I can pay the mortgage.

Love him or hate him Donald Trump has shown you don’t need a big budget to get what you want. All you just need a very cunning plan and a message, no matter how diabolical, which resonates with enough people to achieve your objectives. He has shown me the way. I am going to be a very, very great and significant writer with a huge and very great audience. As an side, as readers of The Lifeboat will be able to attest, I must have seen Trumps election coming as I have taken the piss out of him in the The Lifeboat and continue the theme in the latest novel. How great is that?

My plan to get more people talking about and buying my books has been to talk and try and sell myself. A pretty tough deal for a shy and retiring natural introvert. Offering free coffees for good reviews was a start and I thought I was onto a winner with that one. Worked well for the first novel but not so well for books two and three. Clearly, people expect coffee free! However, Trump has shown me the way, I need to do something completely outrageous and keep on doing it to keep my place in the public consciousness.

Until I have worked out what form my outrageous stunt or stunts is going to take I have decided on a low key option. The free give away.

Check out my face book page  to enter the free give away competition. It is a competition because nothing is free in life:-)

The Rules

The competition will run from now to until 20.00 hours NZ time Friday the 18th of November, so please share this post far and wide. The competition will work as follows.  Fans of this page, or anyone who happens to stumble on it are invited to nominate anyone who they think would enjoy reading my Kiwi themed science fiction novels in a response to this post.

The nomination will need to be accompanied by a compelling statement or story as to why this person is deserving of a free copy of the novel. The winner will be decided by the number of likes each nomination receives. Feel free to nominate yourself and share with your friends as the more likes you get the more chances you have of winning.

But wait there’s more. The poster putting forward the name of this deserving and discerning sci fi fan will also receive a copy of Skid The First Skidian Chronicle.

Note that the prize is either a hardcopy or kindle version of the book. In the event of a tie I will ask my mum to make the final selection. If you are nominating yourself then you only get one version of the book, unless you make an extremely good case for receiving two in your post. Otherwise the judge’s decision is final.

Other than that please share this with your friends and anyone else who you think would enjoy the books in this series and make sure you like this page and my Amazon profile




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