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I am quite often asked if I have one of my books handy for people to buy in hard copy or as an ebook. I do have the odd hard copy laying around but I have generally pointed potential fans in the direction of Amazon because that’s the marketplace where I want to grow, prosper, build a profile in, and generate reviews. This presents a problem in some cases, I have been quite surprised by the number of people who don’t have, or want to have a Google, Amazon, or Itunes account, or any other online presence where their private data is stored. These are customers, potential recidivist customers lost to me which requires a solution. By the way,  I find this a little difficult to understand personally, I have always believed, perhaps a little naively that my data is safe with one of the big players as it is in their best interests to keep it that way. Additionally, why would anyone want my data?

Anyhow. Long story short. I have set up a Shopify store, a new sales channel, so people can download the electronic versions of my books or buy a paperback and pay me with their credit card rather than go to one of the big ecommerce sites.  Don’t worry, your data is safe with me! However, please don’t flood me with orders for the paperback versions as my inventory is limited and the supply chain is lengthy.

Along the way I discovered  the domain was free. How about that! I never thought such a popular and sought after domain name would be available. Bought that as well, so now I have a shopfront called Keith home of the Skidian Chronicles. How can I go wrong?

In time there will also be other books on offer.  She who must be obeyed is keen on helping me with a non-fiction book on the experiences of immigrants to this country and I have material for a fifth book in the Skidian Chronicles series. Or at least one in a similar universe, expanding on the themes I have explored in the series so far. Unlike the real world which seems to be teetering on the brink of madness inspired by populist leaders out to make a quick buck, I hold out some hope for the future of humanity.

Now I have a shop I can sell anything I like, I’m not limited to my own products. I have discovered a sales opportunity called Drop Shipping, which is basically selling on behalf for someone else who physically has the goods in the their warehouse and arranges the shipping. Probably just about as hard to make money out that as it is to sell books. Something, which seems bloody near impossible from this angle.

Still, a man needs a decent hobby to keep him off the streets and out of she who must be obeyed’s hair on the weekends, so I plan to keep writing and fantasizing about that big break which will enable me to give up the day job before I actually officially retire. Click here to go through to the shop and help me out.

Sales of the current titles is steady, without being spectacular, still a ways off my target of 3000 by Christmas 2017, or was that 2016?

The ebooks are created in the Epub format, there are any number of free readers online available for them.

Just checking.




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