Wow! It has been a great month. September saw record monthly sales and the best single day sales volumes ever. Pages read via the Kindle lending library are also consistently increasing for all three novels in the series. To cap it all off I also received a royalty cheque, well electronic payment, this week.

I am not entirely sure why sales have increased but certainly a tweak of the content of the Amazon advert I am running seems to have had an impact. However, I don’t think I’ll mention how much the adds cost as she who must be obeyed might read this post and ask me some penetrating questions about the kind of return I am getting on my investment and give me a piece of her mind. (oops she already did.) Whichever way I look at it, while I am still a long way off my target it is extremely pleasing to see my sales graph now take a discernible upward swing.

While I am delighted with the month on month improvements I still don’t have an explanation for why, when my energy and spending is aimed at publicizing the latest novel, The Lifeboat, I am selling almost as many copies of the first novel in the trilogy. The First Chronicle gets no add dollars at allUntitled.

  • Highlights for the month.
    More reviews from people I don’t even know. But dear readers, I also need you to review the second and third books in the series. Adds seem to work ok but really what drives sales is word of mouth and good honest feedback. I now have twenty-one reviews for the First Chronicle but only five and three respectively for the second and third novels in the series.
  • And I need more reviews like this. “Having read the first two and enjoyed them immensely number 3 did not disappoint. I loved the combination of humour, poking at the US govt, religion, the depiction of us kiwi’s who just get on with it plus a good bit of sci fi!! Keith’s main character Bruce continues to entertain, I feel like I know this guy….With the prospect of a 4th I can’t wait to see what Bruce gets caught in and where he goes…. An enjoyable read worthy of its 5 stars – thanks Keith Fenwick!!!!”
  • And finally-many thanks to my new fans on Great Barrier island who have asked the local library to stock the series so they can get hard copies to read and recommend the series to their friends.

This month I have also added a subscribe option. So if you want to keep up to date about the books join up.

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