Sales update #3- June sales plan commentary

Target 3000 copies by March 1 2017

A number of marketing and advertising activities were undertaken this month but sales were flat. Activities included the generation of a press release dispatched to all major news organizations and setting up Amazon based advertising. This is a high level break down.jUNE

  • Total sales-14 books of all titles
  • Total Royalty payments for June US$28.40
  • Amazon add impressions 60000
  • Advertising costs Amazon US$110.73
  • Press Release NZ$273

Ok, so it is early days yet  and  I have already increased my sales target to 3100 copies to take account of this increased spending.  The return on investment from this spending has been minuscule to date. Arm twisting, making every conversation about the books and offering coffee for good reviews seem just as effective, if not more so than paid advertising. Though, the success rate to encourage people to review the novels has decreased over time.

An interesting evolution is that while I am advertising the latest book in the Skidian Chronicles series on Amazon, sales are better for the first novel in the series. Go figure that one out. The only thing I can think of is that people like the look of The Lifeboat and have decided to get into the series by reading the first novel in the series.

Amazon adds provide a plethora of detailed information from the number of times and add is served, clicked on, and the clicks that relate directly to a purchase. Needless to say the number of impressions is huge and the number of actual sales for the month is very low. I really question the value of the adds to me as based on their own data the adds appear to have only accounted for about 25% of my totals sales via Amazon this month. So while the press release and adds are useful tools in the sales toolbox other factors appear to be as, if not more important than paid advertising.

Additionally, there are also a number of page reads from the Kindle library which is also encouraging.

On the down side this month, I made enquiries about getting The Lifeboat reviewed on RNZ. Unfortunately, one of the criteria is having hard copies of the book for sale in local bookshops, which more or less cuts me out.

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