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I recently set myself a target of 3000 sales of my books by Christmas 2016.  For a number of reasons I have been slow to get going so like any half decent Project Manager I have reviewed the situation with my stakeholder and extended the target by two months. Sales are actually going much better than I expected, I only have to multiply the current sales by ten and I will meet my target, for month one anyway.

In the past I have shagged around with Google and Facebook adds with little apparent success.  I decided to have a crack at Amazon adds. While relatively expensive compared with Google or Facebook, they have some neat metrics, one of which indicates the total sales expected. Not sure how they do it. So far I have spent about NZ$15 for a return of a 75% commission US$2.99!

I have been experimenting with the content of the adds and it is interesting to see the the number of clicks and impressions that each add collects.

One of the other things I looked at was the book description as while The Lifeboat is nominally described as science fiction it is much more than that. It is in many ways a gigantic piss take and sci fi is just the vehicle.  I’ll see what kind of impact the adds and book description have.

Revised book description for The Lifeboat

A secret government organisation has learnt of an asteroid headed on a collision course with earth. If the
asteroid strikes it will most likely be the end of road for humanity and life as we know it.
Members of this agency are charged with making contact with an alien from the planet Skid, known to be lurking on or above earth in order to enlist his assistance to save the world.

Bruce Harwood a farmer from New Zealand, is riding in a limousine with his new wife to their wedding reception. The Skidian everyone is looking for happens to be accompanying Bruce and his new wife Sue.

All is not as it might seem at first glance. The asteroid isn’t heading toward earth by accident and Bruce isn’t just any farmer from New Zealand. The asteroid has been sent on its way by the Skidian first people who have uploaded themselves to a celestial version of the cloud and now define themselves as Transcendents. These Transcendents have a plan for earth that does not include an asteroid strike.

The Lifeboat takes us on a journey that ultimately not only fulfils the Transcendent’s requirements but also goes a long way to explaining the true meaning of life and ‘everything’.

While this novel is nominally a work of science fiction, it is also a discourse on topics ranging from the rise and fall of civilization to the state of world politics, in a fantastically humorous and thoroughly entertaining fashion.

The Lifeboat cover



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