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The fourth book in the Skidian Chronicles series; The Colonists is being edited at the moment, so in the lull between getting something back to work on (I’m sure there will be heaps) and starting the the next project I have been plotting a marketing strategy while I enjoy the end of the summer weather with a few beers. I would have been watching one day cricket on television this afternoon, but it looks like New Zealand is  getting a thrashing in the deciding match of the series, so I’m giving that a miss.

So what have I done? I have dropped the price of the current Kindle books on Amazon, started running a few adds on Facebook, a format which has been effective in the past, and have been looking at some innovative advertising options to help me stand out from the crowd. More on that at a later date.

Gazing into the bottom of my beer bottle, while I wonder if I should run down stairs for another one, I have been creatively penning  the kind of reviews I think I deserve for The Colonists. These reviews will propel me into that list of must read authors and assure me of a bright future. Maybe even get me to that elusive three thousand sales target. What do you reckon?

Here’s a sample……..

Fun, funny, pacy, thought-provoking and very clever space opera – a breath of fresh air.”
– A famous author

“If there is any justice at all in this universe, Keith Fenwick will someday be as wealthy and famous as Bill Gates.”
– Joyce Fenwick (Keith’s wife)

“I’d thoroughly recommend this book.”
– Betty Fenwick (Keith’s mum)

“A gifted and imaginative author.”
–Charlie Fenwick (Keith’s dad)

“This book would be nothing without my wonderful and compelling character at its centrepiece.”
–President for Life Ronald D Chump

“Through his wit, dialogue, and vast, diverse worlds, Keith Fenwick has created a space opera for today–one filled with diverse characters and cultures that feel nuanced enough to be real–while still delivering the sense of wonder that made you love the genre in the first place. It yanks readers through the wormhole and refuses to let them go. When’s the next book in the series out?”
– blog

“Fenwick shows genuine talent. A writer to watch.”
– Scifibookshop Weekly

“Brilliantly fun space opera that reminds me of  The Lifeboat but with more Weird Alien Cool Shit.”
– The Skidian

“A really good read that was intelligently written and skillfully put together.”
Jumpin Jack Flash

“Expansive world building, great movement coupled with interesting characterization and a story line that is not only intriguing but brings back the grande space fairing odyssey.”
– Skidian Book Reviews 

“The Colonists by Keith Fenwick is everything a Science Fiction novel should be.”
Bruce Harwood’s thoughts

“I really really loved this book. If you like space opera, give it a read. I’m ready for more, please!”
Leaf on Peaches

“The Colonists  is an entertaining sci-fi read in the vein of  The Lifeboat.” Five stars – excellent
– Myfair on Skid

“Compelling and funny and engrossing to read.”
The Skidian Chronicle

“Exciting and compulsively readable.”
Fantasy and Romantic writers group of Ekatahuna

“Roars relentlessly along in utterly mesmerizing style, with edge-of-the-seat plotting, thrilling action, and knife-edge tension that will leave readers gasping. An atomic blast of a yarn. Fenwick in peak form and absolutely not to be missed.”—The Gardens Reviews (starred review)

“Everything one wants in sf—great characters, mind bending stuff, adventure, politics, romance, revolution . . . just superb.”— Scifi  Book Critic

“The work of an author at the top of his game.”—SFFWorld

“A blindingly clever imagining of our solar system in the recent past”―Cabbagepatch tree

“An excellent, gripping piece of work.”―WTF Reviews

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