The Skidian Chronicles

This site is the home of the Skidian Chronicles series of novels by Keith Fenwick. The series is available on Amazon in Kindle and hardcopy versions.  Keith also has a blog which can be found here. Visit the blog and sign up for his newsletter to stay abreast of any updates and giveaways.

The three books in the series so far are:

Skid-the First Chronicle

The Second Coming

The Lifeboat

The Fourth Book in the series, The Colonist is due for publication in early 2018

The Story so far

The Skidian Chronicles is a series of novels where science fiction meets New Zealand humor, with a dash of satire thrown in. In the first book in the series (Skid), Bruce the main character is kidnapped by a bunch of aliens from a planet called Skid. The Skidians are the most technologically advanced and sophisticated society in the known universe, but they have a problem. The factories they rely on to produce their synthetic food are failing and their leadership seem unable to do anything to address the situation. If something isn’t done quickly the entire population of the planet could starve to death.

A group of would be revolutionaries decide to travel to the offworld planet, otherwise known as earth, to enlist experts in organic food production to produce enough food to feed the planet while the problems with the synthetic food production manufacturing plants are being resolved.

The planet earth, as you might expect is well known to the Skidians and is visited regularly by them. While they are regular visitors to the solar system, the Skidians know very little about mankind, though as the series unfolds we learn that Skidians have had a major influence on the human development.

One minute Bruce is walking across a paddock on the farm he is managing, the next he finds himself on a spaceship headed for a planet with the unlikely name of Skid. The first novel in the series is part cautionary tale, what happens when a societies leadership ignores the signs of an environmental collapse, and ignores the opportunity to implement corrective actions to avoid a calamity.

While the selection of Bruce is completely random and based on faulty reasoning, he is the right man for the job of teaching the Skidians how to  harvest organic food. However, the conservative leadership of the planet believe implementing the solutions will be the end of their positions of privilege, believing they will remain impervious to the shortages already impacting the wider population.

In the second novel in the series (The Second Coming) most of the population of Skid has starved to death. Bruce returns to Skid  and deals with the aftermath. Skid is slowly recovering from the disaster that; not for the first time has all but destroyed the most powerful and sophisticated civilization in the known universe. But all is not lost and not all is as it seems.

The third novel in the series (The Lifeboat) begins with a large rogue asteroid heading for planet earth and ends with a program underway to rebuild the Skidian population. This plan will also create a species lifeboat for humanity and ensure the survival of the species in the event of something happening to earth. In this book we also learn the Skidians are not the real Skidians. The real Skidians have uploaded themselves to a galactic version of the cloud.