October Update From The Skidian Chronicles Creative Centre

Progress update from the nerve centre of the Skidian Chronicles creative department and welcome to all our new subscribers.

It’s been a while since my last post, in terms of my writing I haven’t much to report. To be honest; absolutely nothing. I haven’t managed to enthuse myself enough to do anything creative for quite a while. However, in the last few weeks I have developed another plot in the Skidian universe so all I need to do now is apply myself.

I think this ennui is mostly due to the weird old world we live in at the moment, and like many of us I guess, I am tired, and over the pandemic. And I live in a country that has the virus more or less under control! It must be terrible for people in other countries where the impact of the Covid pandemic has a greater impact on society in general. At least we are operating more or less normally except that our borders are closed. 2020 can’t end soon enough for me but I don’t think 2021 will be much better.

Outside of the day job I haven’t been completely idle over the last few months, though I will own up to long periods of binge-watching TV re-runs on Netflix. I have developed an obsession for mountain biking (its cheaper than riding off road motorcycles) and I am lucky to live close to live within spitting distance of a decent MTB track. My latest passion is to circulate a route I follow at less than one hour and fifteen minutes. Today I achieved my best time ever, but I’m still over a minute off my target. If you are interested in my progress you can read about it on my blog.

Because a series based on a pandemic and its aftermath should be compulsive reading for everyone, I have reduced the price for all of my books in the Skidian Chronicles series to US$0.99 to encourage people to read them.

What I am reading now: The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Next in the queue (when it is released) The Saints of Salvation By Peter Hamilton.

Happy reading.

This post brought to you by 4 cans of craft pale ale who are responsible for any mistakes.

Bruce and his alter ego Keith.

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