October sales update- Update #8

This months update will be short and sweet and a little earlier than normal as we are in the process of moving house and I have domestic tasks to attend to.

Long story short is I am still a long way off my March 1 2017 sales target. On the other hand I have sold twenty books month to date, a twenty five percent lift over the previous month. I also gave away 131 free kindle copies in a one day promotion. I will be running another free promotion next month once we have the new house sorted out. The other interesting trend is that sales of each title are relatively even now, even though I still only advertise the latest book in the series.

I still have Amazon adds running however the response to these seems patchy. There is a noticeable uplift in sales as the adds go live but the response rate goes down the longer the add runs. Or so it seems to me. Facebook adds might be the go and of course word of mouth endorsements.


I have also set up a Goodreads profile so if you are a fan please go to Goodreads and add my books to your bookshelf. Check out my profile here.


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