November sales update

Welcome to my world of being an indie sci fi author and publisher. Back at the beginning of November I was quite excited with the record number of books sold in October with sales coming at almost one a day. I thought this was quite an achievement. Another month has gone by and  I have come down to earth with a thump with sales falling off a cliff with even Kindle library reads drying up. Lucky I still have the day job.

I set up my own giveaway competition, discovering in the process while it is a tough job selling books, its also bloody near impossible to give them away. I have been advised by my social media adviser, who I might add doesn’t come cheap, to review my customer proposition. Apparently, requiring people to answer a simple question is to hard or maybe my audience don’t have friends who enjoy science fiction. I suspect I just need to it to the experts at Amazon and Goodreads to manage. While I am on that subject please visit my Amazon and Goodreads profile pages and follow me.

On a much more positive note I did manage to give away one copy of the First Skidian Chronicle. This was first prize for person who guessed the owner of a van that was parked in the driveway of our new house the other weekend. There’s a story about that as well but that can wait for another day.

Additionally I received another royalty payment from Amazon and discovered that I have a new set of fans in a local book club. Things are looking up, and at least I can afford to take she who must be obeyed out for dinner with my cheque.untitled

However, my target of selling three thousand copies by March 1 2017 seems a long way off. Maybe I should drop my pants, er my my prices and see what the response is.

More next month. Remember if you need a good book for a Christmas present you know what to do.

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