New sales target – The Colonists

Well, the latest book (The Colonists)  is published and because I am taking a business like approach to a creative and therapeutic process I am setting myself a realistic sales target to recoup some of the real costs of production: the editing and the cover art. Sales would have to go much bigger than my initial thoughts of a 500 target to get anywhere close to compensating me for the time and effort involved in creating my latest masterpiece. But, I’m not really doing it for the cash.

Way back, late last month I decided my target should be 500 sales by the end of June. I need to revise my target even before I have publicly set it because its already the 18th of June and I haven’t set the number yet. 500 might be a bit of a tall order. Maybe 100 would be more realistic.

In the background I have done a few things to try and generate some sales beyond my normal arm twisting, a tactic which has limited success to be fair. I have sent out a number of press releases, sent copies of The Colonists and grovelling emails to reviewers, and tested the water with a few paid adds. These activities have led to a few sales. To be honest its hard to know how many sales are due to organic growth, as a result of my marketing efforts, or someone randomly stumbling onto my digital footprint and taking a punt.

One of the moves I have made is to move away form using Amazon as my sole distribution channel and expanding to Google books and Smashwords. The Smashwords platform is a good one as it distributes ebooks to Itunes and Kobo if they are accepted into its premium category. So if you are an Apple aficionado, a Google player or want to consume an EPUB file, or a paper copy I have a channel for you, or will have very soon. I also have my own online bookstore at where those who don’t want to patronise one of the big players can buy direct from me. I prefer people to purchase from the big players because hopefully they will leave positive reviews which is important for independent writers and publishers like myself to get noticed and drive more sales.

I am working on an exciting, cunning plan which is sure to raise my profile, and maybe even help me achieve my dream of being interviewed on Radio NZ. I’m not sure what it would be safe to say about my books on public radio and whether it would be a self defeating exercise. But a man has to have a dream and if I did get that interview I would be ecstatic. More on the master plan in a few days as it comes to fruition. In the meantime here is the first review for The Colonists to whet the appetite of those of you yet to read my masterpiece. Get your Kindle or paperback version here.

“This is the fourth book in the series I have read. This book seems to me to be better written than the others, and I don’t mean the others were poorly written, just that this one seems to show Mr Fenwick is confident and satisfied with the way he is doing things. I really liked the recap of the first books at the beginning of this one, just reminded me of what had gone before and made the beginning of the Colonists that much easier to get into. Liked the way it moved along, and especially liked all the comments about the way they lived, how they got their food etc. it filled in a lot of background. Loved the travel arrangements too, maybe you should talk to Phil Goff about that. Made a lot of interesting bits to ponder on. Tended to skip over the American politics but others would find that interesting I’m sure. Wonder what the American administration would make of your President Grump, thought what great advertising it would be if they picked up on it and commented. Anyway Keith, well done indeed and I look forward to hearing what happens next.”



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