My MTB journey 26 October

26 October. Monday (Labour Day). Something a little different today.

I rolled out of bed and decided I would hit the road instead of the bike park for something a bit different. 1 hour 39 minutes for this route. A full ten minutes than my best time on the road. Ten minutes is quite a chunk to knock off,  a touch over12%! I’m kicking myself a bit as maybe a I should have gone into the bike park and had a real crack at hitting my target.

I haven’t been keen to ride on the road after getting back on a bike, given how vulnerable cyclists are. I used to say the same thing about riding motorbikes on the road and look what happened. To be honest my motorbike hasn’t moved far in a while and is languishing in the garage. I did check the tyre pressures the other day and cranked it into life to see if it would start in anticipation of going for a ride but…

However, during the lockdown earlier this year the bike park I usually ride in was theoretically closed. At the time the government and their advisors expected a huge load on the health system due to Covid so were keen to restrict risky activities and the possibility of people getting injured and clogging up hospital emergency departments. A lot of activities were banned and we were encouraged to remain close to home while out exercising and staying in our bubbles.  Luckily for us we escaped the worst of the impacts of the pandemic and the rules were relaxed over time

Many people flouted the restrictions, especially later in the lockdown. Being a compliant little kiwi and having made few statements about adhering to the rules, I felt I should follow them and took to the street. The last thing I wanted to do was end up in an emergency department after falling off and having to explain were and what I had done to hurt myself. I really enjoyed riding the roads, what I have learnt is that early on Sunday morning there’s not much traffic around.

Kicking tyres at a couple of bike shops yesterday, at least I know what I don’t want to upgrade to.

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