My MTB Journey November 14

14 November. Saturday Morning. A fraction under the 77 minute mark 1.16.50. I’m pretty pleased with the effort given I haven’t been for a ride for almost two weeks. I seem to have had a bit of trouble with the longer hill climbs, looking at the segment results I can see opportunities for shaving some time of this morning’s effort and putting  that perfect effort together.

I am going to try and up the tempo of riding over the next little while because (obviously), the more I ride the faster I get and I want to take advantage of the good conditions at the moment. Its’s going to be a little tricky because this is the busiest time of the year in my day job and I have obligations early in the morning which cut into my preferred time to ride.

I really enjoy this time of the year, its light early and I have the park almost to myself early in the morning. Today, although I saw a couple of runners in the distance, I didn’t encounter anyone else until I got to the end of the track and was rolling through the carpark where a large group was arriving for a fitness class.

As I expected my Covid test came back negative late yesterday afternoon so I was able to release myself back into the wild.

While the Covid epidemic is more or less under control in this country, I sometimes think its more by good luck than good management. We put new arrivals in isolation and quarantine facilities. Unfortunately, the virus has been leaking through these facilities and into the community with alarming regularity. This is an indication of how  insidious the virus is, but also how sloppy and complacent we are about the controls that need to be in place to stop the spread of Covid.

We might bask in the collective glory of the team of five million beating the virus where bigger richer countries have failed. However, there are plenty of people in this country who believe the pandemic is part of some deep state grand population control conspiracy and isn’t real. Then there are others who don’t think guidelines and basic common sense controls like mask wearing and staying home when they are sick apply to them.

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