My MTB Journey December 3

29 November. A sneaky, early Thursday morning ride. A fraction over 75 minutes.  1.15.08. The new bike helped me shave a further fourteen seconds off my best time. However, I am still yet to put that perfect performance together and smash through the 75 minute target.

It’s not often I have felt able to have a ride before work recently as I generally start pretty early and at this time of the year I have a series of early morning meetings I need to prepare for and attend. As we approach the longest day its a great time of the year to be out an about as the sun comes up.

I reckon I would have cracked my target this morning if I hadn’t had to slow down a couple of times and fumble with putting my water bottle back into its bracket in the dark. There was a reason I started wearing a camelback. I was also slowed down by seemingly heading into a steady breeze for most of the ride.

There are a few little tweaks I need to make to the bike setup before my next ride but I am pretty pleased with how it performs, and that perfect performance cant be to far away.

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