My MTB Journey 31 October.

31 October. Saturday Morning.  Another record time! A  touch over 76 min 1.16.10. Still looking for that complete effort – 70 seconds to go to hit my target.

Needless to say I’m pretty pleased with this effort and how consistently I am performing at the moment. Just over a month ago, at a similar time and in similar conditions, I was eight minutes slower than this morning. I’m still not sure how I have managed this step change. While I have thought and articulated it, the only change I have made to my diet, is to ensure I keep myself well hydrated. I haven’t made any other significant changes.

Sometimes I’m full of beans, and feel as though I have ridden strongly, only to find that my time was slower than I anticipated. Then on rides like today, when I feel so so and just about stayed in bed, I perform well. Must be the banana I had while I was getting organised. I also feel as if I perform better later in the day, but Strava  doesn’t lie. My best times have always been achieved in the morning when the tracks are nice and dry.

Now I am getting closer to my target I am focusing a lot more on the segment times, and hitting targets for each section. But it doesn’t help when I forget to check my start time before I roll off down the driveway and I have to guess it halfway into the park. I wear contacts which are calibrated for distance when I ride, so in low light conditions I also find it difficult to check the time on my watch accurately and the app.

Another thing I find interesting is how the distance recorded changes ride to ride, given the route is exactly the same. This changes the average speed (obviously). The variation in distance is up to 400 metres. This leads to outcomes where this morning’s ride was 10 was seconds quicker than my ride on Thursday, but the average speed was slower.

The GPS technology we use was developed for guidance systems for atomic weapons so a variance of 400 metres is probably neither here nor there.

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