My MTB Journey 29 November.

29 November. Early Sunday morning. A fraction over 76 minutes 1.16.17. This was moving time as I had  mechanical. The actual ride took a good six or seven minutes longer after a cabbage tree leaf wrapped itself around the rear sprocket and I had to stop and unwind it.

This is a bit of a bugger for two reasons. One, looking at my  segment times I would have come very close to, if not smashed my target if I hadn’t had to stop. Two, I have a new bike. This morning’s ride was going to be my last on the old bike to see if I could beat the time before it goes to a new home.

Ok, I know I wasn’t going to buy a new bike until I had beaten my target, but we live in uncertain times.

After my ride last Sunday I went bike researching, tyre kicking or what have you. I’m not a brand snob, I had an idea what I wanted and how much money I wanted to spend. I did want to support the local bike shop, and buy local, despite the fact they’re an Australian owned outfit, but they won’t have anything in the range I am looking for until after Christmas which is no good to me. I didn’t expect to buy a bike on the spot, but there was always the possibility I might place an order to ensure there was something on hand when I wanted to part with my cash.

To cut a long story short I put a holding deposit a bike that was supposed to be a part of a shipment arriving in mid December, which meant if I was lucky I might get it before Christmas. This also gave me another few weeks to crack my target.

Monday morning I got a text to say the bike was here and would I like to pick it up? The friendly team at Evo in Penrose had tracked down a bike in another store for me. Lacking restraint when I have made my mind up I picked the bike up and went for a test ride around the streets yesterday morning.

What else is a man supposed to do? Set another target! It will be interesting to see how much time I can shave off on my first ride in the MTB park.

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