My MTB Journey 28 December

Just over seventy three minutes or 1.13.17. Two and half minutes quicker than the other morning, so I am pretty happy with myself. However, still almost a minute off my best time which I managed on a hot, windy afternoon. Still, cant be unhappy with nine segment achievements, including three records. Three of these were in the first half of the ride which is where I needed to put on more effort and almost nine minutes faster than this time last year!

It looks like it’s going to be a great summer’s day here and as I sat down outside to catch my breath I reflected on just how lucky I am to live in a country which to date has avoided the worst impacts of the Covid pandemic so far.

Being a nation of a relatively isolated group of islands has its advantages, and the initial lock down stopped the spread of the virus in its tracks and the community outbreaks since have been contained-so far. However, I don’t know how people would react to a reintroduction of controls if there was a further community outbreak. Poorly I suspect.

Now that vaccines are rolling out people are dropping their guard, but for us its not over yet. It will be a while before the vaccines are available here and there will be a debate in some quarters about the value of vaccinations and the dangers. This ignores how vaccines have rid humanity of a number of previously destructive diseases.

I struggle to understand how people still claim the virus isn’t real, or that the pandemic is a conspiracy aimed at imposing more government control over our lives, or that it’s no worse than seasonal influenza, despite evidence to the contrary.

Similar theories have always circulated, the development of social media and video sharing platforms, and the media outlets preying on people’s fears have made it easier to disseminate fake news and more difficult to refute nonsense.

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