24 Oct. Early Saturday morning.  A touch over 76 minutes. 1.16.18. My best time ever and three PB’s according to Strava. A full minute better than Thursday afternoon, five minutes or so better than last Saturday!

On the other hand its only taken me six months to beat my last PB. I have no idea what I did differently in the last week. Whatever it was, it worked.

Its a long weekend in this part of the world so I will have another crack tomorrow or Monday while the weather is good and I have the time and see if I can shave of a few more seconds. Next week marks the beginning of what we call “Peak” in my day job  where activity will start to pickup, and my own workload cranks up in the lead into Christmas.

As I alluded to in my last post, everyone’s forecasts are a bit of a thumb suck at the moment and there are potential delays in international supply chains. I’m pretty sure we’ll be busy next week as businesses attempt to cram five days work into four. However, after that we’re not sure what will happen.

The latest theory doing the rounds is that the discretionary dollar is now being spent on internal travel and accommodation. This is great for the local economy, especially those areas which used to rely on overseas tourists, and while we might feel as if we are quiet, its easy to forget we’re ahead of where we were last year.

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